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Our Story

Passion and Friendship

In 2015, Noah Hastay, a graduate from the University of Florida, was inspired to start the FIT for ALL program after seeing the vast impacts fitness had on his friend with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Hastay noticed significant improvements in cognitive development, and quickly realized the opportunities for improvements fitness could bring in all areas of life.

After more research, Hastay decided it was time to make a change in the health and fitness industry. He and his team set out to form the FIT for ALL Program; a model that could be implemented in any fitness center throughout the world. With cardio and strength equipment, as well as a supportive community, FIT for ALL can thrive anywhere!

FIT for ALL is designed to adapt to various skill levels. As new athletes join and as seasoned athletes progress, so will the program to continually promote fitness development for a lifetime!

With Hastay’s vision of becoming the fitness model for the special needs population around the world, FIT for ALL will be a recognized brand in each and every community!

Meet Our Team

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Noah Hastay


Arhum Imam

Michael Smith

Athlete Director

Executive Director

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