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Results come in all variations and can be classified differently depending on who you are. Our Athletes, Volunteers, Parents, Caregivers, and observers all have witnessed their own results with FIT for ALL. 


“I am the parent of a child with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called Friedreich's Ataxia. Prior to the FIT for ALL program my son was anxious about going to the gym or starting an exercise routine because he was uncertain of his abilities. Despite the advice of his doctors to "stay fit" by routinely moving, stretching, and performing exercise he was afraid. What if he fell? What if he used the machines incorrectly? what if others stared at him because he was having a hard time? The FIT for ALL program gave my son confidence and reassurance that despite his limitations he could exercise and work out just like everybody else. It was okay if he didn't do it perfectly, it was okay if he needed help! The staff and volunteers were AMAZING! He has completed the program cycle twice and now he goes to the gym on his own! His confidence and self-esteem have grown and my son is healthier and will likely stay mobile longer because of this program. I cannot say enough good things about FIT for ALL and its staff and volunteers. It has positively impacted our family as well as the Gainesville community as a whole. This should be offered at every gym! It creates a community of inclusion and accessibility for a very underserved population.”


“My mother told me I would never be able to walk again. I told her I was going to show her wrong after I start exercising! Now I’ve been working out with FIT for ALL for 16 months and I can walk across the room and back (over 40 yards) all by myself!”. 

~Nancy- FFA Athlete for over 1 year


"This program is a great example of how businesses and community can come together"

-Parent of FFA Athlete


"This program has been a blessing to many special needs clients. Exercise is being now accessible thanks to GHF and staff."

- Caregiver of FFA Athlete

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