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About Us

FIT for ALL Inc., a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, gives people with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities hope by eliminating the barriers standing in the way of them living a healthy lifestyle.

The Challenge

The FIT for ALL Solution


Over 63,000,000 (and growing!) Americans are challenged by a physical or mental disability. In addition to needing various levels of support, most of those with special needs remain physically inactive throughout the week. Our goal is to provide an arena for these athletes to engage in physical activity. ​

The FIT for ALL Program is the first of its kind, offering a guided exercise routine that encompasses the four primary types of physical activity, which are aerobic, musculoskeletal strengthening, joint flexibility, and nutrition.

All exercises are done with the assistance of a trained volunteer, guiding the athlete to perform each movement with proper form and to the intensity required to achieve desired results safely. Each exercise can be modified per the athlete’s individual ability level.

Through the support of our staff and coaches, we provide financial assistance to the athletes and their families. No longer will the financial burden of a costly gym hinder the athletes from achieving their greatest potential. 

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