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Your donations are what keep our athletes FIT! With the help of your dollars, athletes can continue to be a part of health clubs and the FIT for ALL program in which they otherwise may not be able to afford. 

Advocacy group Autism Speaks reports that the cost of caring for a person with autism can run an estimated $1.4 million over the course of their lifetime.The cost can jump to more than $2.3 million for those who are impacted with intellectual disabilities. Compare that to the cost of raising a typical developing child of ~$250,000 from birth to 18 years of age. With that paradigm, you can imagine how difficult it may be for a family to also afford a monthly health club membership that can range from $20-100 per month!


With the FIT for ALL program joining up with health clubs across the world and the help from your generous donations you can make a FIT-ness lifestyle possible for ALL!

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